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Be Ready for Dodger Baseball - Date 07/23/2020

Opening Day for Dodgers

Even though we can't be at Dodger Stadium for OpeningDay, we can still pour ourselves a beer or pick one up locally to-go and cheer on the Los Angeles Dodgers from our living room!

It's Just the Be-ginning - Date 07/14/2020

Outside Street View of Be DTLA Apartments

It's just the Be-ginning. New signage is up on 6th Street — just one of the many exciting updates we're making this year at BeDTLA.

Vista Hermosa Park - Date 07/14/2020

View of LA from Be DTLA

Located on the outskirts of Downtown and only 5 minutes from BeDTLA, Vista Hermosa Park is a hidden gem, perfect for a small family picnic or a relaxing day reading outdoors. Better yet, spending time outside has a myriad of health benefits including improved concentration, boosts in mental health, and even a reduction of risk for heart disease and cancer, according to Harvard Health Publishing.

Developing Envirnoments for Extraordinary Experiences! - Date 07/14/2020